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brooklyn transmission #1

So its been about a week since I've been residing in this lovely second floor apartment in brooklyn.
I love my neighborhood.
supermarkets, cafes, italian bakeries with scrumptios treats and 2 subway stops within 2 blocks of my house (on either way).
there are kids everywhere and some of them even speak italian.
the ice cream truck drives by.

I'm aware that i'm going to be lonely.
more than i thought i would be.
Brandon (my roommate), spends a lot of time atvhis girlfriends so i guess in a way i kinda live by myself.
I just hate not having any of my friends at arms length anymore.
no one to go to the diner and chainsmoke and talk about life.
(although i am chainsmoking and its going to cost me a gajillion dollars).

everythings changing.
tomorrow i start at blackbook.
im so nervous and excited its just ridiculous.
i hope they dont send me anywhere crazy and i get lost
but i mean, this is what i came here for and its be stupid if i didnt know or recognize how incredibly lucky i was to have even gotten this internship. and this house. and my job.
i cant have my cake and eat it too. and im not trying.

i came to make it just like everyone else.

and to run into conan o brien on the street.

alright i gotta go to sleep.

my moms coming this weekend.
im definitely excited about that.
i hope my damn matress from ikea gets here soon.
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