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I havent posted in a while, but everything is more or less the same as usual.
Still working at kuhlman and blackbook and still lonely, albeit, slowly making new friends.

went to misshapes last night and it was lame.
lame kids lame lame. the music wasnt THAT bad though they comitted a cardinal sin of djing i think and played two rapture songs in less than an hour. (in my opinion you shouldnt repeat bands (same as with a mixtape), but if youre gonna do it then you need to space it out evenly, know what i mean?) man i just parenthesized the hell out of that sentence.

so yeah im alive
i had a dream i met marc last night.
it was funny.

i might have an interview at conde nast and thats fucking exciting.

its only been a month, i cant really complain about the way things are going.
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