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so ive been listening to smashing pumpkins all the time lately. 1979 still makes me feel weird inside after all these years. and it reminds me of when i was young and believed in love and didnt ever worry about sex and all of those stupid things that cloud grownup relationships. it was such a nice time.

on my way to work i was listening to disarm and waiting to cross 5th ave, and at that part at the end when the violins come full force and billy is tearing his heart out in the song, just at that part, the light changed and all these cabs drove by. all yellow cabs for like 4 rows on on each line, and for like 2 seconds, it was the most beautiful thing i ever saw. for those 2 seconds the cabs and the music synchronized and it was the most beautiful scene i ever saw in my life.

all the time i sat on the L on the way home, i had a big grin on my face.
and no one else was in on my little secret.
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